Routine yearly pap normal & hight risk hpv age 30

Hi everyone not bin on for a while i had abnormal cells i 2009 i had dyk cant spell it but starts like that. I had treatment and two reg 6 month smears which were normal then smears have bin yearly and have always comebacknormal.So i turned 30 this year and wrnt for my reg smear in october which come back normal but said as you are 30 we tested for hpv and you have high risk. I have had my letter through for my colopsopy but am so scared  as i had never heard of it now i have bin goovling and got every symptom.  I feel so sick my appointment is 22nd november. To make it worse i have a lump juzt above my bikini line its bin tbdre bout four weeks n it doesnt hurt and hard and size of a pea. You cant see the lump you have to feel for it. I have bin doctors and booked in for a scan for 20th nov. I had never heard of hpv and now i have anxiety. I gave up smokimg on tthe 1st nov. Omg someone please help me as am so scared never thought about vulva cancer really till now xxxxx