Routine smear but totally terrified

Hi I know this may only be small to some people but I am having severe anxiety over my smear which i am having next week as previous smear had high grade changes so had lletz treatment at colp apt results came back no CIN detected which confused me so had to be referred to MDT and results all came back the same from histopathologist cytology as no cin detected so went onto 6m test for cure which can back clear now I am struggling if they come back again and have to go through it all for it to be a negative for CIN 

sorry for waffling it just I haven't slept since I booked my apt 


Hi, just wanted to check with you how everything went? Hope it was all ok x

Dear other Rebecca 

Absolutely normal to be anxious -I will be I am sure when I go to mine (I am going to have a LLETZ next month I think). At the moment I am anxious all the time 

I thought today that what i would do is think I have no control over this, accept this and try to make sure i do lovely things or see lovely people every time i go through this. That might make it more bearable ?