Routine 3 year check up following LLETZ

Help, it’s the time I’ve been dreading for the last 3 years. On the 25th October I’m booked in for my routine smear. The 1st one since I had treatment for Cin3 and HPV. I was given the all clear 3 years ago but I’m so scared it will come back abnormal again.
Can anyone offer any reassurance please? Xx

Hello! I don’t have any advice as I only had my LEEP done end of July, I’m coming up on my 3 month smear end of October (the 27th to be exact). And I’m pretty nervous about it but trying to stay calm! I’ve read of most people having 6 month smears so to hear I was doing one at the 3 month mark sort of took me by surprise but I think this is just the way my gyno does it! And I already informed me I could still show HPV positive so early and some women take a few extra months to clear it. Still makes me anxious though, of course!

Prayers and good vibes that your appt goes so well and you have negative test results still! I know my gyno said most people after having feels removed are good moving forward! I’m sure someone will be along soon to offer their experience and advice on this soon!


Come here and “vent” whenever you feel like it, it does help. I used an app called Ankr to help me in the fight. I think it’s free and available on app store (iPhone) – search for Ankr - Cancer care companion. I’ve found them very helpful. Wishing you all the best.