Round, echogenic, 13mm cervical mass

Round, echogenic, cervical mass measuring 13mm.   I apologise for my category placement, but I couldn't really find an appropriate category.  I had a pelvic ultrasound yesterday for endometriosis and they found this round mass on my cervix.  My doctor just told me to follow up with a gynecologist and I cannot get an appointment for over three months!  I have been crying all day.  I was hoping to get some support/info on what your ultrasounds looked like?  Is round typical of cancer?  Does having echoic versus hypoechic suggest more benign versus cancer?  I know that I won't know anything for sure until something is biopsied and/or removed and sent to a pathology lab but that being said I'm losing my mind.  I'm throwing up and I can't think.  Had to call into work. My last cervical swab was 2017 and was normal/no HPV.  I have not had sex since then as I suffered a sexual assault and I haven't worked thrugh all my trauma yet. 

I read online this could be a polyp, cyst, etc.

Is there anyone out there?



Hi! Don't worry until there's a sad reason. The presence of cancer can be confirmed by MRI with contrast and biopsy. It is better to find a way to get to a gynecologist or oncogynecologist. It is better not to delay.


If you take the worst option and this is a tumor, then its size still allows you to perform organ-preserving treatment.