Rotterdam Regimen

Hi Ladies,

I'm due to start the Rotterdam Regimen on Thursday 12th March, and wondering whether anyone else has had this? It's Cisplatin and Etoposide and this is the info from the hospital:

I have reoccurrences in my pelvis and mets to my liver, and this is the way we're going with this (it was going to be taxol but I had an allergic reaction to this previously, and they decided against it.) I'm just trying to find someone else who has been treated with this for Cervical Cancer, as it is usally for Ovarian Cancer. (I have an adenocarcinoma and they have said the similarities to Ovarian mean this may do something for me).

I've been told it's hard and very intensive, and i guess I just want to hear how hard is hard! Bit scared I'm not going to be strong enough to do it so if there's anyone who has had this (or knows someone else who has!) then i'd love to hear how it went/is going.


Lindsey x


  • 02/10/12 - Diagnosed Cervical Adenocarcinoma 1B2
  • 05/10/12 - Cisplatin and Radiotherapy for 4wks + 2xBrachytherapy
  • 12/06/13 - Carboplatin and Taxol x6 (only 1xTaxol as second cycle was allergic).
  • 20/02/14 - Radical Hysterectomy, Lymphandectomy, Oopherectomy and Pelvic Sidewall resection
  • 20/03/14 - Nephrostomies fitted due to fistula in bladder post-surgery
  • 20/11/14 - Reocurrence in pelvic sidewall
  • 05/02/15 - Mets found in liver


So sorry to read this Lindsey. I'm sorry too that I don't have any answers for you but just wanted to wish you all the best and every ounce of strength.




Hi Lindsey,

Just wanted to comment as you don't appear to have had many responses. Can you find your answers on the forum 'Living with Advanced Cervical Caner'? 

I've seen many positive posts here and there, especially from a lady who had mets to the liver. Keep fighting and make sure you eat well especailly brocilli etc.

I'm just a step behind you in the whole CC process so understand how any advice is greatly appreciated.

Good luck and keep in touch,

BIG hug, Julie xx