rooms for lets meet

hi all,

just wanted to ask if there was still anyone who needs a room for the lets meet. i have a twin room booked at the moment so if anyones struggling the find a hotel then struggle no more. lol.

im booked in for the thurs and fri night and its not really expensive either. is a few other girls staying in the same hotel and its only a 5 min tube ride from the venue.


Ah Claire how cute of you… we had to change our hotel arghhhh but we will still be around fri night to partyyyyyyyyy, were going to go to bed early thursday or we will never get up.

I know Fi was struggling maybe you could ask her…I really want Fi to come x

Take it easy cant wait to see ya hun love kaz xxxx :wink:

oh, rite,
guess im on my own for it then. ah well never mind.

Hey babe ill stay with you x