So I was diagnosed nine days ago and told I would definitely need a hysterectomy with noses removed from at least one side and possibly chemo/rad too. 

Two days ago I received a phone call saying my biopsies came back as CIN3 only and that they wanted me in today for pre-ops and next Monday for lletz to remove all the abnormal cells and that they would do a EUA while I was under just to make sure. 

I bought and drank prosecco and celebrated my wonderful news. No cancer!

Today ive seen the consultant and been told that what they are actually doing on Monday is a deeper biopsy as they still think it IS cancer! The MRI shows something behind the original small biopsy site. 

Im pretty upset that I was told I was ok and I'm not. Or i might not be. What a ridiculous rollercoaster. 

More waiting.......

Aw Nic sorry to hear your news. Hopefully they will remove whatever it is they suspect is there during the procedure. Xxx sending virtual hugs xxxx

I asked that and they said no they're just doing biopsy and bladder/bowel scopes. He seems convinced I'll need a hysterectomy 

Oh Nic, what a horrible time. I've been on a rollercoaster, myself with good/bad news, but not to the point where anyone told me it wasnt cancer and then it was again. Sorry to hear you've been put through that. Just make sure you explore all treatment options with your consultant as it will vary depending on the size/staging. 

MRI scan seems to be showing it escaping out the back of the cervix in the direction of the rectum. Now being sent for PET scan too. More waiting. More worry 

Hi nic

this part of this whole journey regardless of the outcome is by far the worst for many reasons. The unknown is scary and the speculation is horrible. Try to stay positive and remember that we are all here for you and totally understand what you are going through. 


Thank you. This place is a godsend