Road to Recovery


I am new on here, it has taken me ages to get logged on!!  I am currently just over 2 weeks post radical da vinci hysterectomy (10.01.13). Diagnosed 1B1, I am waiting for pathology results at the moment, lymph glands were clear so have my fingers crossed.  Am feeling better each day but have constant headache which I am now wondering is a rebound headache from paracetamol & ibroprofen or the lack of estrogen, has anyone else had this at all?  I too have had problems with wind pain and BM's and am still taking lactulose twice a day which has helped greatly, thinking about swapping over to Prune Juice today!  Anyway speak soon, sending positive thoughts to everyone xxx

Hello Snowflake!

Sounds like you and I are more or less in the same boat. I’d be very careful about stopping taking a laxative if I were you. Bowels seem to take a while to get back to normal and it’s easy to end up bunged up again, which is miserable (the ladies on here have had to put up with many long and detailed whinges about my poop/no poop adventures of late).

I spoke to my oncology nurse about it and got some advice before getting my GP to change my prescription. I found Lactulose was giving me lots of ‘gas and gravy’ (sorry) but not really helping to shift everything. I’m now taking Laxido (aka Movicol) which seems to give a more even result. I also take a stool softener (Dulcoease) which has also helped move things along. Lots of water and fibre as well - it’s not an either/or equation for me right now.

While you are talking to them you can ask about the headaches. Just make sure you are drinking enough water and try to relax as much as you can. Waiting on results is enough to give anyone a jumbo throb job :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your results. Should know mine on Wednesday and I have to say I am really anxious about it too. Really don’t want and more treatment after all this, but que sera sera I suppose.

Take care of yourself. X

Hi Rosehip.

Just wanted to say thanks for your reply. Yes maybe i will stick with the lactulose at present as it seems to be working!  I will ask about the headaches though.  Hope all is good news on Wednesday, I will post when I hear anything. xx


I had a radical hysterectomy on 1st Nov. 2012 and had horrendous headache for a couple of weeks afterwards. It's the combination of the amount of pain relief you'll have received in hospital and the sudden hormonal changes that are going on in your body. It will pass. 

I can completely relate with the bowel 'issues' as well - just awful. If a prescribed laxative is helping, I wouldn't give it up just yet - apart from anything else, it's important that you don't strain too much in the first month post-op, so if the laxative makes it easier to go, I'd stick with it for the time being - it does take time for this to right itself. You'll find it starts to ease more when you are more able to move around generally as well. I know it sounds funny, but rocking backwards and forwards on the toilet helps get things moving!! 

Wishing you both all the best for your results. 

Annabel. x