RH for my wife

Hi there.  This is my first post.


My wife has just been recently diagnosed with CC either stage 1a2 or 1b1 (MDT on Wednesday to confirm which).  She is going to be having a radical hysterctomy sometime in the New Year and as we have a 6 month old boy I was wondering if anybody could advise me what I can do to help her through her recovery period.


Does anybody have any idea roughly how long it will be before she can manage to look after him as she does now.  I don't want her rushing back into things and overdoing it


Many thanks



Hi Rob,

Welcome to Jo's :-)

You will get lots of great answers to your questions here.

Could I ask if your wife is having open surgery or keyhole?

The recovery varies from person to person,but I do know its

less with keyhole.Main thing with both procedures is to remember

that alot of the healing is deep inside so lifting is out till the Dr's

say its ok.

Its a hard time for all involved so you are doing the right thing

getting prepared before hand.Hopefully you have friends and family

that will help out too.

Lots of ladies on here have young children that they needed to take care of

whilst in recovery so they will give you some top tips.

I hope all goes well for your wife and she has a speedy recovery.Looks

like she will be well looked after which makes the world of difference.

All the best


She'll be tired sore and anxious. She won't be able to lift so nappy changes will become problematic. She will need loads of rest and recuperation invite grandmas aunties anyone that can help your baby is precious but your so. Is fragile goof luck 


Hi Rob,

Welcome! Nice to have a considerate chap in our midst :-) As Becky says, the type of surgery plays a large part in recovery time, as does the general fitness of the individual. I imagine that the toughest part for your wife will be that she will need to resist the temptation to pick up your son, so it would be really helpful to have someone else with her at all times so that they can lift him into her arms. There's a lot of abdominal muscle usage in lifting and as long as she doesn't rush it, she will be as fit and strong as ever she was a few months down the line.

Wishing you both all the very best


Thanks all for your advice. We have just found out today the surgery will be on 6th January. will let you know how we get on


I am so sorry to hear that this happy time has been blighted by this cruel beast. It is so wrong.

I came across this site the other day and thought they might be able to offer you and your wife some comfort and support, both morally and also I believe with funding towards childcare etx if needed. 


Much love to you both, and your little one. Hope the op goes well and your wife makes a full and speedy recovery. Please do check back in when you can.