Review of previous smears and clinical management??

Hi All 

I was diagnosed with CC in March this year after abnormal smears and colposcopy. 

This was treated and successfully removed with a LLETZ treatment. 

i received a letter yesterday saying my case had been reviewed at the MDT meeting which is routine, i have a follow up appt i october for colposcopy, and the letter also says: "I have attached our routine letter to patients who have had a smear or histology upgraded and we offer you the oppourtunity to discuss in more detail any smears and histology that have been taken during the course of your cervical screening program"

the letter basically says i am invited to make an appointment to discuss my smears from the last 10 years in more detail

they also say if they dont hear from me in 4 weeks they presume i do not want to take up this invitation.

Has anybody done this before? Im rather confused as to what good this will do? should i go?

Thanks for reading my long post!  



I was diagnosed  in  December  i got my letter last  week  I choose  to go to my meeting when  they  organise  it as I have  had all clear  smears  n  was  diagnosed  with  3b 2 n half yrs after my smear  but  had systoms  for 6 months  prior  to that  it been playing  on my mind  to if it was  right  as it ment  to be slow going they  automatically do it my letter did  say u can  always  request  results  at a  later  date  if  i wish I don't think  I been much  help  sorry x

Hey, I had the same letter. I was diagnosed with 1a1 cc in December last year - all removed with 2 Loop procedures. Meanwhile I received results of my previous smears and was invited to speak to the consultant about them. I called and asked if they needed to see me in person which they did. It turned out that over a 13 year history 5/6 previous smears were reported clear when I infact had high grade cell changes and these were mis-reported. 

It's made me more concerned about future smears as I'm swaying the results of my 6 monthly check up. So I think you should find out either by letter or see the consultant just to put your mind at rest. 

Best wishes Becky 



Hi ladies, where are you based if you dont mind me asking?

I'm in England 

Speaking purely for myself, I would find no benefit whatsoever in discovering that an opportunity for an earlier diagnosis had been missed through human error, it would only make me feel everlasting resentment towards the person responsible. However, my understanding of the 'system' as it stands in UK is that if you decline this invitation, you automatically forego your basic human rights. You should really check out the truth of this and not rely solely upon the opinions expressed in this forum.

Be lucky :-)

I had my smear review results back, never missed a smear ever and all were clear apart from the last one in February 2013 which showed mild abnormalities. It wasn't reported, then diagnosed with CC 1b1 in January 2015. I've gone from thinking well it cant change what happened, being angry and wanting someone to say yes we messed up and we're sorry!

what would have happened to me if they had picked it up?????