Review Appointment - fear the worst

My head has just gone back 2 years to when first diagnosed and I am shaking with fear.  I had a phonecall from the appointments dept of my treating hospital, asking me if I can come for a 'review' appointment next Wednesday, 5 days time. They never normally contact you by phone, it is always a letter with the appointment details and usually at least 3 weeks in advance of the appointment, you never get it this quick unless it is bad news.  

I have been having issues since Aug/Sep with pains etc and have had mri 2 weeks ago.  This will be to discuss the results of what it showed and I have a bad feeling about it.  My insides have not felt normal for weeks - the pains have been so strange, moving about from hip to hip, then tail bone then to just under my left rib, now just under my right rib and still there. My bladder has given me cause for concern since about Aug also - so I just believe that it's all linked.  

I feel I have just been plunged back into the despair I felt at first diagnosis.

Oh the waiting/not knowing is just the very worst. I really feel for you. I had a CT this morning for pains and not sure when I will find out the result.

Try not to read too much into why they called you, it could be because it's so close to Christmas that they want to get things booked in before everyone disappears for 2 weeks. Easier said than done I know :/

Sending you a virtual hug bogeywoman and hoping for the best,







Hi Sharon

So so sorry to read your post, think we would all feel the same and I'm keeping everything crossed that it isn't as bad as you think. I note they have called it a review appointment and arranged it for 5 days time - when I had a telephone appointment I was told the consultant wanted to see me and the appointment was for the Monday (the call came on the Friday).  Perhaps they realise what you have been going through and don't want to keep you hanging on any longer than necessary.

Just hope that this is the case and that you manage to cope with the waiting till next Wednesday. I'm always here if you want to 'talk'.  Let us know how you get on, shall be checking in every day.

Big hugs


Hi sharon,

sorry you're having to deal with this. Keeping everything crossed that they're able to put your mind at rest straight away.

Big hugs,

Molly xxx

Hi Sharon,

Well I bet the reason that it's a phone call and not a letter is because it's less than two weeks to Christmas and everybody has been stuffing the letter boxes full of Xmas cards. They wouldn't want your appointment to get lost in the Christmas post now would they!

I know you've been having all these fearsome aches and pains for several months now and I really do get how afraid you feel. I bet the hospital staff do too and that is why they have finally decided to give you a short-notice appointment.

The way you describe the pains suggests to me that you think it's reached your bones. Well I am no doctor as well you know but the fact that the pains appear to be shifting around suggests to me that it's orthopaedic. For instance, if I have a sore foot it makes me walk funny, when I walk like that it puts strain on my lower back, and when I put strain on my lower back I get shooting pains down my leg. But the shooting pains down my leg aren't related to the sore foot, they are just all linked together by skeleton and posture.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you

Be lucky


Hi Sharon, I know it's hard but try not to worry too much. The ladies above have made good reasons as to why you are being seen in 5 days. I would have thought if something had serious had shown up they would have not waited 2 weeks to get in touch after looking at your mri results. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will keep checking in like Cheryl. GL love lea xxx

Hi Sharon, I'm really sorry that you have been plunged back into the feeling of despair, but I have to tell you that my hospital often phone me to confirm appointments etc and they always deliver bad news over the phone too! My initial cancer diagnosis was given over the phone! I know that nothing anyone says will ease your fears but you are always such a great support for other people I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and I'm sure a lot of other ladies here are also gunning for you!

I really do hope that you get good news on Wednesday

Sue xx

Hi Sharon, sorry you're going through this, the feeling in your body telling you it's back is so awful!!! I hope that this is nothing sinister, & the phonecall is just because of the busy holiday period!!! Try to keep busy, get out & about!! Keep us posted, in my thoughts!!! Salma

Good luck with your appointment today Sharon, I have everything crossed for you xx

Sue x

Good luck today Sharon x

Hello all - thanks for your kind support.  Just back from appointment.  Doctor said 'something' showed up on the mri on my right diaphragm.  I can actually feel it, like something is stuck just below my rib cage & feels very uncomfortable.  I could physically feel  a lump & I know when the doctor examined me today she could feel it too.  

I am booked for  a pet scan 30th and she will see me directly after to discuss findings.  She also said a biopsy will be done & she went on to talk about a chemo treatment plan, so even though she wouldn't commit herself to saying it was back - I felt that she was paving the way for me to expect that it is.  Not the news I was hoping for - 

Ladies thank you again for your support, it means a lot.x

Hi Sharon,

I'm really sorry you're having to have more investigations :( I hope you're doing ok as can be with a worrying time ahead.

Sending you a virtual hug and hoping for the best xx

Hi Sharon,

So sorry you didn't get the news that we were all hoping for but nothing is confirmed as yet, so there is still hope that the "something" is not a recurrence. Easier said than done but do try to put the PET scan to the back of your mind and enjoy Christmas.

Big hugs, Sue xx

Hi Sharon, wish u didn't have to wait until the 30th, but hopefully it will go quickly! Hope is always there, I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but it is! A friend of mine was basically told she is finished 2 weeks ago, was making funeral arrangements & things, & wham last night she was discharged to go home with her little girl!!!! I know the road is far from easy & over for her treatment etc, but she was so positive & just believed she'd be a bit better everyday!! You are in my thoughts!!!!

Hi Sharon

So sorry to hear it was not as hoped.  I'm keeping everything crossed for you that it is something that can be successfully treated.  They obviously can't be sure what it is at the moment so we'll all hope and pray it isn't a recurrence.

Sending you a big hug, stay strong and keep us posted.


Hi Sharon,

So sorry to hear about this setback. Really hoping you can now focus on Christmas and put all of this horribleness behind you until your next appointment on 30th. Wishing you all the best and keeping everything crossed for you.

Loads of love



Hi Sharon,

How bloody awful for you just before christmas((HUG))

Well honey,looks like you are going to have to drink,eat

and indulged in everything that makes you feel good.Get

yourself ready for the next hurdle.

You can do it Sharon you are a strong lady.

We are all here to offer our usual advice support.

Thinking of you

All the best

Becky x

Hi Sharon,

Hope you got on on today and we're able to get your results quickly.


Hi Sharon,

I have been thinking about you today, I hope your pet scan went well.

Sending you big enormous hugs, Mandy xxx

Hello ladies - thank you so much for remembering about me today.

Had my ct scan this morning & was  'fast-tracked' to the Oncologist to get results at lunch time. She said the results were better than they anticipated! She firstly went on to discuss my kidneys - I may need stents put in as the ureters are showing some damage possibly caused by all the treatments I've had. She said she will be contacting the team who carry out this procedure to confirm if I need it at this stage or not. Then she went on to the other issue of the 'thing' that showed up on my diaphragm - it doesn't appear to be attached to any of the other organs but I will need a biopsy as the ct was inconclusive - so the jury's out on that one.

I should get the biopsy in two weeks time and if the stents are needed, I will have  those & biopsy done on same day.  Then it will be back to the waiting game.  She said, if it's worst case scenario, at least they've caught it early.  I felt she was pleased with the results & her demeanor heartened me. My husband was with me and he  was getting a bit choked up as we were  so worked up over it, and she was so reassuring to him and she gave me a hug as well! 

I know I still have to play the waiting game again but I do feel whatever comes out of it I will be able to  deal with it..  My husband and I have both become Christians very recently and have found already that his has helped us greatly.  I know that sometimes people can find it awkward when others mention faith or religion and I don't wish to offend or  'turn people off' but I just wanted to mention it.

Thanks again  ladies for thinking of me today - your support is amazing too.