Return to work

So the day has come I officially return to work tomorrow and I’m excited!! Sad I know! I’ve been so poorly over my treatment that I wasn’t able to walk some days let alone clean my house or cook so this is a huge milestone for me. Maybe I’m returning too soon but we will see.

I need to have normality in my life as I refuse for the concerto control me and take over my life. Saying that I seem to of had all of December with no appointments now they’re bombarding me with them this month!

I’ve recently been thinking about what the results of the treatment are going to be and I’ve been worried - I suppose I was in denial when I was diagnosed and throughout my treatment now it seems be hitting me. I was suppose to of had my pet scan today but I cancelled it I couldn’t face it. I’ve rebooked it and will be asking someone to come with me.

I feel like I’m being silly and can’t talk to friends or family cus they don’t understand.

Sorry to go on

You're a very brave person to have gone through what you have been through and I suppose the scan can wait until you're ready.

I'm already panicking about the results after treatment and I'm about 4  on the away. 

I know that whatever you are told you will face it as you seem to have done with everything so far.

Good luck with work tomorrow  x one step at a time x 

Hi Carmel :-)

There's no escaping the fact that the first few follow-up scans after all your treatment has finished are as scary as hell. It's like there's a big bottomless pit opening up in front of you waiting for you to fall into it when you've only just climbed out of the last one and are walking on level ground again. Scary, scary, scary. So my advice is get it over and done with. Hopefully the news will be fantastic and you can go and celebrate, but if it isn't, then it's better to find out sooner rather than later.

You aren't being silly! this is totally normal.

Really enjoy being back at work, and don't knock yourself out!

Be lucky :-)

Hi ladies, thank you for your kind words.

I think the thought of going back work and the scan and the results all playing on my mind shook me up a bit. I've been work today and been told off for coming back so soon - oops! I'm doing reduced hours for now then it will be reviewed which is brilliant of my work. I've enjoyed going back - I was shattered when I got home but I did walk quiet a bit deciding to go into town after - oops. Now I've got a slight ache all over :-( I'm going treat myself and book in for a massage :-).

Day 2 tomorrow then the dreaded scan although I'm feeling more positive about it