I had a LLETZ for cin2 four weeks ago and was told the consultant would write to me with the results in 4-6 weeks.

The procedure was manageable and better than the biopsies. After 3 weeks I started swimming and cycling again and today is 4 weeks … so dtd day!!!

I feel great physically but last night I got a letter from my GP inviting me for a pap smear. I have ad them every 3 years and it was only last July 2015 that I was identified as having abnormalities via this screening visit.

So I went into the colposcopy cycle and believed I would stay under their watch until all was clear and HPV had gone away.

So why the GP call?

Anyone else had this. I am in East Kent

Well, I'm going to guess that you have just received an automated letter as part of your GP's routine system. You may have been switched into a yearly pap smear invitation because of your abnormal smear last July and the system hasn't picked up that you have had a colposcopy which puts you into a different group at the moment. You haven't heard back from your LLETZ yet I don't think, so I while your GP may want to see you to discuss your results ,he/she is not going to invite you in for a pap to do so. I imagine, and sorry, I'm not it the UK so maybe this is crap, that if the doc wants to see you to discuss your results the letter would say precisely that. I also can't see why you'd need a pap test when you've just had biopsies in March and LLETZ in May.

Call them.  It's probably a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand's doing.

Glad you're feeling good, so don't let this letter be a Debbie Downer on your mood.

Take care.

Thanks TeresaF.  Called GP -  he'd already got my results which showed 'complete removal of cin2' - smear at GP in 6 months. Yay!  


Really glad lax your scan is clear

Fab news! So glad for you.  Don't you dare miss that appointment in 6 months.

Good luck!