Hi I was diagnosed with CC 22/12/15 had my MRI on Thursday and my EUA today the doctor conformed it hadn’t spread to my bladder but said I was 2 b they haven’t got my MRI results yet but will get them next week
Please can anyone offer any support who has been 2b and does the staging change with MRI results?
Thank you

Hey. Hope you are Ok it's such a tough time isn't it! I was also diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer on the 9th of December - a pet ct scan showed it was in some of my lymph nodes aswell. But the staging didn't change.I am due to start my chemoradiation on the 18th of January. I'm very scared and hope the treatment works. How are you doing?xx




The ct scan just offers more information the most important one is the pet scan as this is a ct and pet scan in one - why you gave to have another ct scan I don't know!

The treatment affects each person diffrently and it doesn't hurt I promise just makes you feel icky that's all :-)

Everyone on here is more than happy to help

Hi Claire :-) Hi Gemma :-)

A bit over four years ago I was a 2b and now I am stupidly healthy :-D The treatment is very effective and not too arduous so try to stay positive, you're going to be fine :-)