Hi finished treatment in early October and had Mri scan early dec just received results in the post
It says ur recent Mri is fine and we will see u in jan is this good news I know I seem silly but I expected a little bit more detail in the results
Anyone have similar

If your MRI is fine then your MRI is fine, what more detail can possibly be added? My onc sent me an email which read 'everything is OK'. It didn't say Dear Tivoli and it wasn't signed Dr Maria or anything, just that tiny short sentence. What more do you need? And if you are going to see them in January anyway you can ask then surely.

Be lucky :-)

Sorry I'm new to this world as was never even at doc prior to diagnosis so I'm very taken back that it was a simple sentence after weeks of anxiety 

ur words are a bit harsh for a support group lol 

have a good Christmas 

Dear Cass,

Great news to have clean MRI results! Celebrate first! That will at least put some of your anxieties to rest. I'm not sure of the practice at your onco clinic but here in singapore, we have the actual detailed scan reports. When I go for PET, MRI or any other scan, the actual reports will be given to me or to my doctors. If they were given to my doctors, my doctors would then explain the findings at follow-up reviews and then pass me back the actual report while they photocopied a set for themselves. In my latest MRI scan, I met up with my oncologist and she just said 'your scan is ok. Only a cyst' and that's all! I can then read the detailed report at my own leisure. :)

I think we expect letters to be more wordy or more detailed and would be nice if they showed a bit of compassion. But unfortunately they are what they are, perhaps you could call your nurse specialist and have a chat? Might put your mind to rest xxx

Harsh? I'm sorry.

With any kind of exam, whether it's in school, or a driving test, or medical, if you pass then that is all you are told. It's only if you fail that you might get told what you failed on. (emergency stop, reversing round a corner etc.)

I have received test results like 'please make an appointment with a urologist your bladder does not look as it should' or 'please have an ultrasound done of your liver, we have seen something suspicious' or 'your blood-sugar is way off please see a diabetician'

Cancer-free, normal, healthy, fine are all words we want to hear. What could possibly improve your experience? That is a question.

'Fine' is just a way of not having to list all of your organs and bodily funtions individually.

You have yourself a good Christmas too.

Be lucky :-)