Hiya I am new to this forum but read a lot of posts and the support is excellent. I had a smear test done a few weeks ago and was referred for a colposopy because I had got high grade cells. When I got there the doctor did 3 punch biopsies because my cervix was red and inflamed. She said this could be due to a viral infection. I had thrush near the time of my smear as I had been on antibiotics which I think caused it. I have been a nervous wreck since I had the biopsies. Reading up on Google does not help. I have not got any symptoms of cervical cancer apart from having a bad back. Had this for over a year and it comes and goes. Since the test my back has got worse think I maybe causing this due to being stressed out. Just so worried. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks x

My back was terrible and plays up since the local. Avoid baths Hun as can give you an infection x

Thank you. Week today since I had my biopsies.  The waiting is horrible. Think I have made myself ill since last week. Just want results and deal with it now.