My appointment wasn't until one o'clock and I had a complete breakdown this morning and the wait in the waiting room was a nightmare ...... but the results were the best I could have hoped for, the scans showed that the cancer is confined to the cervix with no sign of it spreading, so that was a big relief and gives me some hope now. I did get scared when the consultant was explaining the treatment and all the side effects but I know I have to just get on with it and try and take each day as it comes.

i am suffering with anemia at the moment so that could be a problem, but I'm trying to be positive and do feel a bit lighter, I really was expecting the very worst.

Mel xx

Brilliant news Melanie! My heart has really gone out to you these past couple of weeks. I remember those feelings well. Its a horrendous time. When the consultant says this is what you have and here's how we are going to treat it, you feel you can finally breathe!

Keep thinking positive. Remember what your consultant has told you and stay off google. Have they giving you a date for starting treatment? Xxxx

SO, SO pleased this was the outcome of your appointment Mel.  You have your first victory and you will go on to beat this.  Please concentrate on getting yourself and healthy and calm as possible now ready for your treatment. You are going to need your strength and no sleep/lots of worrying is going to wear you out.  Do whatever it takes, whether thats meditation vids on Youtube, yoga, lots of days out with firends, trashy films on TV and chocolate - whatever you need!   

Thats brilliant news. Its rarely as bad as anyone believes it is going to be but uts hard to believe that beforehand. I'm glad it's early stages, and will be very curable. You'll get through the treatment. The waiting for diagnosis is ABSOLUTELY the hardest part and you're through it.

Thank you everyone. My treatment should start in a couple of weeks, so until then I'm going to try and remain as calm as I can and carry on as much as I can, hopefully I can give my family a rest from my complete breakdowns for a bit.

Mel xx

Congratulations Mel, you will sleep tonight I'd say. Thanks for letting us know. Your recovery and return to normal life musn't seem as far away now does it ? x

Mel thats fantastic news so happy for u. Although I don't know u that well I have been thinking about u all day and I've been checking to see if there was any updates. Glad it went well, at least that's one hurdle out the way. 

Nicola x 

Thank you Nicola, it has been the toughest 2 weeks of my life and I know it's just the beginning of a very difficult time but it's nice just to have some hope and feel a bit calmer tonight. Sounds like we might start treatment around the same time.

Mel xx

I am so glad you got your answers today. Not long now before you start your curative treatment.

I hope you will give yourself a break now, get some sleep, build up your  strengthl

Big hugs,



PS Nicola, did you sort your bleeding problem out?

Mel xx

Thank you Naz, as you've been through it can I ask you the odd question now and then?

Mel xx

Hi Mel yeah it looks like we may start our treatment at the same time plus we have the same stage too. I will know for definite on the 5th when treatment starts but we can get through this together and of course all the lovely ladies on here too. 

I got the tablets today and tramadol for the pain but the painkillers haven't worked yet and just have to let the tablets kick in. But in a lot of pain the past few days were I've actually been crying but hopefully it will get better once the tablets start working. 

Thanks for asking though. Big Hugs Nicola x