I got my results & my LLETZ was completely successful, so I will just be going back for a check up in 6 months :D

For anyone in NZ waiting & waiting on results ... I waited 4 weeks for the results of my biopsy before finally calling to find out if they were in, at which point I was told that they had been sent to to me 2 weeks earlier, however I never got them.  I then waited 3 weeks for the results of my LLETZ before calling, & yet again found that they had been sent to me within 2 weeks of the proceedure, but they still hadn't arrived in the mail.  I'm putting it down to the changes in our postal system, but if you haven't heard anything within 3 weeks of your appointment definitely don't keep stressing - give your doctor a call, (in both instances I was told to call my GP as the hospital receptionists couldn't give me the information, & I received my results from a nurse at my GPs clinic).

Best of luck everyone, I am hoping that things will turn out for the best for you all *big hugs*.

That is great news for you, very pleased! :) xx

So pleased for you that you have had a successful LETZ. I imagine it must be nice to be free of the stress and worrying about what ifs. I am in NZ too, but my results have been really slow. I waited 4 weeks after biopsy and then rang to check, and they openly told me the doctor had not even looked at them yet even though they were received from the laboratory 1 or 2 days after the actual biopsy. They had just been sitting on his desk. The nurse said to me "oh I guess he may get to it in a week or so, his pile looks like it needs a bit of work". Then it took 2 weeks after I rang to get a letter in the mail - so 6 weeks post biopsy. Unfortunately my biopsy was "within normal range" after high grade changes on smear and expected CINIII on colposcopy examination. At this stage they have told me they think my smear was correct and the biopsy was just in the wrong place, so I have to get it all done again, with an expected target time of 3 months after I received the letter (so about 4 to 5 months after my first biopsy). I am so over the waiting that I am thinking of paying to go private just to get it over and done with.

Thanks Bunny Girl, I have my fingers crossed for you!

Me, I am so sorry to hear how things are being handled for you, I am with the Women's Health Clinic in Dunedin & the doctor I have been dealing with has been great in every way, if you are in the South Island is it possible to request having your treatment there?
I can relate to the stress of waiting, my whole year so far has had a dark cloud of uncertainty & fear over everything - & even now I can't be certain it won't come back as I still have high risk HPV, which has affected my emotional ability to be in a relationship.
I'm just going to try & focus on staying as stress free & healthy as possible in the hopes that it will help my body to fight it off.
I will keep coming back here until I know for sure that I'm in the clear, so please let me know how things go for you *hug*.