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So I've opened my 2 letters and they are useless to be honest..... Not gonna lie I'm really annoyed at how useless they are!!!


The first letter states that the lab report comments on the presence of the expected pre-cancerous changes (CINIII) Which I obviously knew from my original smear test!

and then states We do however need to see you for a review in 6 months time to repeat your cervical screening test. This will include the HPV test of cure we discussed at your appointment. This will help us to plan your further management. 

I don't understand at no point have I been told i have HPV and thus letter doesn't tell me if all the CINIII is gone? If it has spread or not? It tells me absolutely nothing definitive after all that waiting and the colposcopy and LLETZ I've been given nothing........


im so angry I could cry right now.

Hi Emms

If you've asked to be copied in on any doctor's correspondence, then it could just be their copy of the letter.


Hi Erika

Not that I'm aware of, but fingers crossed that is what it is x

Hi Emmsy

I got exactly the same letter. I believe (and hope!) that what they are saying is that you definitely had CIN3 (and therefore they were right to remove it). I was told if your results are as far as CIN3, they automatically assume you have HPV, as it causes 90something% of these changes. By the fact you are back for just a smear in 6 months, they will have most likely removed it all with clear margins, and you are essentially discharged as a gynae patient (my smear is due with local GP not hospital)

In short it is very good news! Its ridiculous, they over jargon you at the start with letters and leaflets and then give you nothing at the end to really explain! Especially after the excrutiating wait.

I know the system is extremely frustrating but the great news is that you will be just fine x x


I'm sorry you're feeling that way, I absolutely would too. Unfortunately they seem to 'dumb down' these letters, as expect us to know very little about it. If i hadn't found this site if have been completely unaware about margins and would have assimed 1 treatment would remove it all. when I was in hospital waiting for my second procedure I enjoyed reading my notes and the actual lab report! I will defo be requesting it after these results come back. It's good to know what's actually going on inside you!! Give your colp clinic a call in the morning (I don't think my Dr had the lab report, just the clinic at hospital) and request they print you one out and go and pick it up if you can. Maybe sre if you could speak to the consultant who carried out the procedure too, they review the report so will be able to fill you in x

Sorry about bad spelling, can't be bothered to change it oops!