Well, rang the hospital as couldn't wait for results. She said the biopsy had shown precancerous cells, but she is confident that she has removed them all. Have to go back in 6 months, only confusion I have is she said the cells were not on the outside but inside and that they were going to discuss the results at a meeting to ensure I was receiving the correct treatment, she said the histology showed all removed, but why are they having a meeting? Anyone know?

I think she means the cells were In your cervical canal. They call that CGIN you may have seen it mentioned in the forum. So if the doc has preformed a lletz, that piece of tissue is basically the surface area of your cervix. Yet if what she suspects is right and it is CGIN they may want to check your canal again for the cells to make sure they've got it all. The piece she has taken had clear margins so that's a good start. An mdt meeting is basically where 2 doctors look at all the results to make sure they agree. It's normal for this to happen. Now if the other doctors say that you need to have your cervical canal double checked they Will call you back in, but it's just to be safe. Fingers crossed they both agree that they are satisfied they removed all the abnormal cells this first time for you xxx

Thanks Gem gem, yes the doctor drew me a picture at my colposcopy showing where the cells were and what she had removed, so sounds like CGIN. Has LLETZ treatment done at the time of colposcopy and a biopsy taken and results as mentioned above. Glad to have results, just gets a little confusing when they say see you in 6 months but we will have a meeting next month lol x thank you :) 


HI,  sounds like it was a glandular abnormality like was said they are the precancerous cells to adenocarcinoma. Thesee cells behave slightly differently to the squamous cells and can skip areas and be present again hence the mdt meeting, this is usually an oncologist, specialist nurse, and various other health professionals look at all the information and decide together how to proceed. Clear margins is good and hopefully it will be all that is required. 


Take care

charlene xx

Thanks Charlene.