I was unsure about posting this as I know there are ladies on here going through tough times. However I thought that maybe it would bring some hope and reassurance to other CIN girlies!

Results from my LLETZ received today - cin3 completely removed with clear margins. I am so so chuffed!
From going from cin1 to cin3 in such a short period, bleeding at my smear and a rather worried nurse I hope I can give people some hope that it's not always the worse news !
Thanks to everyone for the support along the way, I'll be sticking around to hopefully help out other ladies in the same position
For now it's time for a large glass of wine!!!

Congrats that’s great news and a huge relief i’d say, enjoy the wine :slight_smile:

Aww - big congratulations!! And don't feel bad about posting good news - I wish more people did! You can put all the stress behind you now :o)

Brilliant news!!!! Congratulations!! x x x

Thats great news :)

Enjoy your wine xx

Yeah! Awesome news - that makes you and me with two pieces of good news... don't these things come in threes?

Toasting a glass of vino now to you and all the other ladies here :-) xxx