Am dreading Monday I have an inturnal booked under ga and my MRI scan on Tuesday to get staged just hope the nurse is right in saying she thinks it's been court early I just want to start treatment . Nerves getting the better of me now never had a ga hope all goes well :(:( x

I just wanted to say good luck and sending big hugs.   

Hi  I just wanted to say good luck for tom I have an internal scan on Tues but not under GA  and ive seen your post on here as I look daily on this site.

I just wanted to send big hugs and wish you look .xx


Had my inturnal done and feeling fine can not be leave I stressed over the ga it was nothink just feeling a bit sleepy nurse said all looked fine . MRI tomorrow xx

Glad to hear you are finding it a walk in the park :-)

Good luck with the MRI and let us know how that goes too will you please?

Be lucky :-)


Had MRI on Tuesday got an app for 8th April to see consultant to see what is going on over treatment is 2 wks to long to wait ? X

Nah, 2 weeks isn't long, especially when the Easter holidays are in the middle of that :-)

Just saw this, so ignore my other comment on the other thread.

Fingers crossed for you and best of luck. x