Hi in 23 years old and fit the last 3 years I have been bleeding during intercourse 

i already have a child, and didn't experience this problem before hand and didn't think it would be a problem

. I went to my drs because one Instance of the bleeding was particularly bad and prolonged. I was sent for a scan which came back

Clear, was then sent for a smear. The results were boarderline changes, and I return in 6 months for a repeat, has anyone experience 

Simmular and would you say the bleeding is due to the boarderline abmormalities. 

Hi Aisling,

I'm no doctor but I'd be really surprised if borderline cell-changes caused post-coital bleeding. If you continue to bleed during sex then go back to your doctor, but if you don't bleed during sex then just hang on for the 6-month repeat test. Sorry I can't be much more use than that but I'm very surprised to hear you have been bleeding during sex for three years and not a lot of interest is being taken.

Be lucky