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Hi am kiNd of new but feel like am gonig out my mind as stated before smear bk highgrade dysk then biopsy at the colposcopy nine days later the worry is while at the colposcopy she had another doctor to come in and look' She said my whole cervix are covered in precancer cells and done 6 biopsy also i asked are you taking them to look for cervical cancer had her replie was just yes you are at high risk then they spoke to each other and i remember her saying it looks like carsanoma in situ now am going crazy with worry please coulds someone tell me how long it took to get there results if something was found... I also asked why they did not do any lazer treatment she said we would rather wait for your results x


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Hi Joni, how awful for you to have to hear something like that. I don't think they should have said it there and then without any evidence, as it may turn out to be a false alarm. I'd imagine they need to wait for the results before deciding which treatment is best. It should not take too long. A week or two is the norm if they believe you are very high risk. They may just decide to do a LLETZ and clear the whole area. I'm crossing my fingers for you. How long has it been so far?

Hi, Thankyou for your reply i had my smear 2 and a half weeks ago then i went for my colposcopy on the 22 jan i know its not been long it's just when she had another doctor come in to have a look they just did not want to give me any information even though i kept asking questions.. the only thing she would say is you know your results you are high risk... then when i asked is all the biopsy to look for cervical cancer she look at me and said yes.. that was was it she and the other doctor were just talking among themselfs as if i was not there am so sorry to ramble but i cant think straight i have 3 children 13 8 and 4 am 35yrs just feel by the way they were talking to each other it was not good. The only thing i was told is all my cervix is covered white and very patchy... and then again spoke to the other doctor and said looks like hpv also by the long dangaly bit really not sure what thant means.. 


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Well if its at all reassuring, ALL biopsies are to look for cervical cancer, that's the reason they are done. And all abnormal cells look white and patchy on the screen. The variances in CIN1, 2 and 3, are the amount of white patches seen. So if most of your cervix was covered, you would likely have CIN2 or 3. Both are easily removable with LLETZ. Its not nice the way they discussed amongst themselves and didn't fill you in on what was going on. Realistically, they cannot really know the diagnosis until the results are back.

I fully understand your worry, I've spent the last year fretting and convincing myself that I would end up having cancer. Thankfully this was not the case at all. I hope your diagnosis ends up the same. We all worry when we hear about abnormal cells inside us, its a horrible thought, but just bear in mind that this is all preventative measures, to stop us developing cancer in the first place xx

Thank you I no I need to try and be more posative x I can’t stop thinking of her talking to the other doctor and trying to remember what they were saying to each other… just the carsenoma in situ xx thank you for you help xx