Hi all,

I am 10 days post RH and recovering slowly but surely. My lovely CNS phoned today to tell me the MDT has said no further treatment is necessary.

i would be crying tears of joy and relief if it didn't hurt so much! 

Thank you all for your support, I don't think I could have got through the last 3 months without all of you here.

much love, Molly xxxx

So pleased for you sweetheart that nothing more is needed. Now, take it easy and make sure you rest up. Sending you lots of love and get well wishes xxxx

That's excellent news Molly!


Be lucky :-)


So pleased love xx

So happy for you xx

Pleased to hear this, great news honey.

Rest up and enjoy Christmas now - extra mince pies for you missus!! xx

I'm so pleased for you! :D

Now you can relax, recover and enjoy the holidays.


Hugs & love

Megsmaw xx

Fab news Molly xx

Great new's Molly ;-)

All the best for your recovery.

Take care

Becky X

Thank you all! Have had first post op glass of vino to celebrate! Xxxx

That's brilliant news! Hope your starting to feel better. Big Love 

So pleased for you hun xx

Fantastic, what great news for you after an awful few months. Stay healthy xxx

Just popped back on and saw this, very pleased for you!  Take care of yourself and thank you for your replies to my messages back in September time :) x

Great news. Welcome to the other side!!! I'm over a year clear now. You will be surprised how quickly the next few months will fly by.

Hope u are healing well.

Much love

Dons xxx

That's great news! Wishing you well with your recovery x x

Thank you girls! Not sure I 100% believe yet!

Molly xxx