Hi everybody,

This is just a big grinny one to say I got my blood test and CT scan results this morning and all is still well as far as my oncologist is concerned. I don't want this to sound smug or gloaty so I'll temper it with a bit of past history;

My first ever set of post-treatment tests showed an inflammation of the bladder for which I was referred to a urologist. A worrying time but it turned out just to be a simple urinary infection and nothing more sinister.

My second set of tests indicated something odd going on with my liver and so I was referred for an ultrasound exam. That was really scary but it too turned out to be nothing of any concern.

My third set of tests was my first ever resounding all-clear and I hit the shops big time! :-)

My fourth set of tests revealed a high blood sugar level which had me referred to a diabetician. For a while it looked as though I was on a slow but steady inexorable route to diabetes. 

From then I arranged my diabetician's appointments to coincide with my oncology appointments because they both require a significant journey from my home on a small island. Six months ago my oncology results were clear and my blood sugar seemed to be regulating itself rather better than before.

And this time around, whilst my oncologist is happy, my diabetician believes that I have now developed diabetes proper. I will have to return to see him next week but I am not as upset by this result as I would have been were they the other way around.

Interesting the curved balls life throws at us isn't it :-)

Go well everyone.

Lots of love




Hi Tivoli,

it never lets up, does it? Great news about the scans. Will it be difficult to manage the diabetes should you have it?

hugs, Molly xx

Hi Tivoli,

Thats great news about your scans :-)

Sh*t that you might have diabetes :-(

I hope you can control it with diet,I know sometimes

you can.

 Becky x 

Great news about your scan tivoli! Sorry about the diabetes part hope all goes well for you xx

Hi Tivoli

Brilliant news about your scan results, that really is great news.  Not so great about the diabetes but hopefully it can be controlled without too much hassle.




Hello all of you :-)

Thanks so much for sharing my happiness, and your concern about the diabetes. My diabetician and I have been fiddling around for the last year with diet and exercise and sadly it's doing nothing except for making me lose weight that I can ill afford to lose. It's probably going to be a pill at lunchtime every day but I'll let you know what happens.

Meanwhile, be lucky



Little update,

Well lots and lots of testing shows that I do not have diabetes after all, so my diabetician is going to treat me for diabetes with a little pill at lunchtime anyway. Huh?

Meanwhile I am off emailing every other doctor I know asking for second, third and fourth opinions. So far nobody is in agreement with the fella here. Grr! Now what?



Hi Tivoli,

Great news you are ok.Still take the pill!!!Why??? If you are ok!

Sounds like you are doing the right thing getting a second opinion.

Becky x

Hi Becky :-)

Thanks so much for your concern. Unlike cervical cancer, where you either have it or you don't, diabetes is more like a line drawn in the sand. In the US the line is drawn in a different place from where it is in Europe. So whilst by European standards I am borderline, I might classify as diabetic in the US. Yes, it's crazy isn't it!

So because of that, I think I am going to draw my own personal line in the sand and declare myself as fit and well as anybody else. First I will be a good girl and complete the packet of pills as prescribed, and test my blood sugar every day as I have been doing for the last year. If the pills make no difference then I have an argument I can use against the local doctor. If the pills do make a difference I will have to dream up some other excuse (or change my opinion). 

Sorry I haven't been around on the forum quite so much recently as I was before - lots to do just at the moment now that all the tourists have gone home and the rain hasn't yet sent us all scurrying indoors.

Lots of love to everybody