Hi there, I'm so glad to have found this site. 

Earlier this year I had a smear test, my first in a few years I am sorry to say. The results were unreadable so I was invited back for a repeat. 

The second showed "borderline" abnormalities and I was scheduled for a Colposcopy. During the procedure the Doctor said that she couldn't see anything unusual so she decided to take a biopsy to be safe.

I received a phonecall yesterday which frightened the life out of me. 

I was told that there were abnormalties (or an abnormality, you know how your hearing goes!!) and that I should attend the clinic the following week. When I asked for more information the nurse said that she could not give anymore over the phone. She then advised me to bring someone along, when I asked her if I was to undergo a procedure, she said no, but I would need someone there with me. She then gave me the name of the Doctor and he is a Gyno oncologist. 


I am terrified that I am going to be told that I have cancer. Am looking for a little advice and reassurance and other peoples experience to help me through. I am confused as to why I was not scheduled for a Loop or such other treatment? 


Thanks in advance




Sorry you're feeling so anxious, understandably :( borderline usually suggests mild changes so fingers crossed for you until your appointment x

Hi Stacey, thanks for the kind words. 


I agree with Stacey above and will keep everything crossed for you too.  For what it's worth when I was told I had cancer I had a call on a Friday afternoon saying the consultant wanted to see me on Monday.  The face you have to wait a week suggests it may not be quite so urgent.  Good luck with your appointment.



Hi Cheryl, thaat must have been awful for you, I have actually thought about that as well. I am trying to be positive. Internet has pros and cons. I am fearing the worst though. I will let you know how it goes and regardless of anything I will post my experiences here.


Many thanks and prayers and thoughts to you.



The Internet is a blessing and a demon, I had to stop reading and step away from the forum for a few weeks before I went for my colposcopy appointment as it wasn't helping me to keep reading and convincing myself of the worst

Completely understand why you did, one thing is for sure though, you won't get the answer you need anywhere except from the Doctor, but it's good to have some support.

Hi Sid,

i hope you're doing ok, it WILL get better. The first few days after a phone call like that are absolutely TERRIFYING, but that won't last and you will start to sleep. 

Two things that I hope will ease your mind a bit. I was called in to see consultant just to be told that they didn't know anything yet! They really don't like to talk over the phone! I was terrified for no reason, and a bit cross about it. Also, if the nurse couldn't see anything unusual, I would think it was highly unlikely that you have anything much to worry about. There are many levels of abnormalities that would warrant you being called in and needing treatment before they start talking cancer.

sorry, bit waffley!

take care, don't be scared to ring them and see if you can find out anything else to ease your mind, or even pop to your own doctor as they may know!

hugs, Molly xxx

Ho Mollz, thanks so much for your kind words, I hope your results are back soon and that they are good. They did say that there were/are abnormalities/abnormality (I went deaf I think!!) and that I needed to come in on Monday, when she said to bring someone with me I thought they would be doing a procedure (LETZ/LOOP??), when she said no, it was to discuss the results, that is what scared me.

I did call my Doctor and she had the initial smear results and she said that as the changes were borderline that a diagnosis of "advance cc" was unlikely.

She said I was to expect bad news as in further investigations/treatment. 

I am annoyed on one hand because of the vagueness of the call - but on the other hand I understand that any such diagnosis has to be given in person by the appropriat person.


Thanks again, I'll keep you updated.



Fingers crossed for us both on Monday! Xxx

Thanks Mollz!! 

Hi Mollz,


I was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. The Doctor beleives that it is early stages but I have to have a PET scan to confirm, they seemed very positive so I am holding onto that.


Am ok - ish. Very shaken up.


I hope you are doing ok.






So sorry to read of your diagnosis but that is good that they believe it is early stage and the fact they seemed very positive is definitely something to hold onto.  It does shake your world when you are first told, with me I had a day of tears the day after I was told and then I thought 'well, I've just got to get on with this'.  I still had wobble moments but kept pushing forward.

I hope you get your scan soon and get your stage confirmed.  Keep us informed and if there is anything you want to know please don't hesitate to ask.

Be strong, you'll get through this and you'll get lots of support from this site.



Good Morning Cheryl, yes it's a shock, but I am in a better place than least week as I have an idea of what I am dealing with. Thanks so much for your kind words, this site is a gift for the support it gives.

Am still waiting for the scan date to be concerned and then the waiting!!


Will keep you posted.





Hi SiD,

Sorry about your diagnosis. Hope you are holding up, it's a scary time but it does get better.

Monday was hard for me, I think the treatment plan meeting just made it seem very real and I blubbed like a baby when I got back. Back to normal now though (well, the new normal!) just trying to focus on looking after myself. The waiting is so hard, I can't believe I still haven't got a date yet. I wish they could knock me out and wake me up when they've sorted me out!

i hope you get a date for your scan soon. I'm a bit of a stuck record when it comes to this, but do ring and pester. I was told the date for my ct scan by my gps surgery days before the letter arrived. I suppose your system works a bit differently to ours?

did they give you any idea of stage? If it couldn't be seen by the naked eye then stage 1a is likely.

lots of love Molly xxx

Hi SID & Mollz

Yes, the waiting is awful. I wasn't given a date for my op, they just said they would ring me and I must admit I kept phoning them to check on it.  Then I had a call just a couple of days before the 8th October last year - yep, it's my 1 year anniversary today!

It won't be long even though it feels it at the time.  Can't believe it's been a year for me, looking back now it seems to have gone by so quickly.

Wishing you both lots of love and luck.



Hi Mollz, yes the new normal. The system here seems to be different, no more letters. I have a coordinator who is my contact and it's her job to get me through the system as quickly as possible. I have her number and a beeper number and can contact her any time I have questions. I will no longer be dealing with the Clinic or attending there, I will be attending the hospital where the Specialist is based. 

I will leave her alone for a couple of days but she assured me that the scan is either next Tuesday OR Thursday. 


They can't give me the stage until the scan, but the indications are that it is early. The Doctor remarked that not only was it not visible to the naked eye, it was not visible during the colposcopy, it was only picked up by the biopsy, so I am trying to be positive.

He told me that I was very lucky and proof that screening works. I would not have known anything was wrong as I have absolutely zero symptoms. I recall leaving the clinic after the coposcopy and thinking - ah yeah, that's grand, put that issue away.

As I have already said, the coordinator told me that this next couple of weeks will be tough. The PET and waiting for the results, she did also say that I looked completely healthy and in her experience she is positive that it is early and that I can beat it.

She told me not to worry about things that aren't issues and may not become issues.

It's great that you know the stage that you are at, you are early as well so that's positive.

Have they told you the treatment?

I've been told that if it is what they think then it's surgery.

If it's spread then we work from there.


I really wish you all the best. We're really tough cookies all the same. Last week I didn't have cancer, this week I do and life has to go on, kid to feed, pets to look after, washing to do and hey, here we are still doing it and keeping the show on the road!!


Talk soon.