Hi Cheryl and dolly


Update time thankfully MRI shows no sign of spread phew, consultant was lovely he is going to try and do a radical hysterectomy through key hole He not sure if it will be possible as when he did a Internal it was sore so he will try but he can't guarantee that he will be able to do it without opening me up.

He said I should have a phone call for pre op in the next couple of weeks which will take half a day they will tell me then when the op will be but if he has no cancellations it will still be within a month :( more waiting is it wrong to be fed up with waiting I suppose it is I just want to get on with it and feel bad for feeling fed up considering its not been very long since my diagnosis.

Hope you are both well

Mags xxxx

Hi Mags

That's great news that it hasn't spread and I'm so pleased you've got a nice consultant.  Mine is lovely and it makes it so much better when you like who is dealing with it.

Know what you mean about the waiting, I was just the same.  I kept phoning up as I hadn't heard then I ended up getting a slot at quite short notice.  Use the time to do lots of nice things as you will be out of action for a while.

I stocked up up on stuff I needed such as big knickers, peppermint tea, loose nighties etc. Another invaluable item was a grabber stick as you can't bend down to pick stuff up afterwards for a while.  

The time will soon pass and then you can look forward to getting your life back after recovery.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi both

good to hear your news that it's not spread mags, sounds similar to me. Am meeting consultant Friday to discuss surgery. Know exactly what you mean about waiting, it's driving me mad too, I'm clock watching at work, tired all the time and feeling forgetful, safe to say am probably very stressed. They said to me on phone my op will be mid to end august. Other than that I actually feel fine lol, everyone keeps telling me I look the picture of health! Let me know how you get on xxx

Hi both 

Yes was please the result was positive don't know why but today I'm feeling very low and dreading work tomorrow I didn't sleep last night so hoping its just beacsue of that.

Dolly I hope all goes well on Friday for you and you have a nice consultant too let us know how you get on .


Mags xxx

Hi Mags and Dolly

This is the most stressful time you are going through now and time does drag.  The waiting is awful, I remember it well!  Think we all get impatient that we just want to get the treatment started as soon as possible.  I had days when I was down too and my sleeping became very erratic.

Try and do things that occupy your mind, very difficult I know but anything that takes your mind off what is happening and then the time seems to go quicker.  I read loads on my Kindle at the time which helped enormously.  At least the weather is good so you can get out and about.  Treat yourself even if its just small things.

Thinking of you both.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl

Thanks for the advice I'm feeling much better now I'm back in work had a few days off and couldn't seem to keep myself busy enough.

I don't know if I'm going to have time to do anything fun before the op my shifts are very irregular and rarely get a few days of together unless I book it but no point in doing that as I have to give a months notice before holiday lol 

Hope your OK

Thanks for all your advice and support

Mags xxxx

Evening ladies

Sophie hope all went well for you on friday.

Had a call today I got my pre op on Tuesday any rough idea Cheryl on how long the op would be after I see them tuesday ? Hope this message finds you both well


Mags xxxx

Hi mags and cheryl

hope you are feeling a little better now mags? Met consultant today and was given a few options. Think I am going for the rad hyst. Altho my stage is 1b1, the grade is 2 to 3 and I'm not prepared to put myself at risk. The MRI suggests that the cancer was all taken away by the lletz treatment but they cannot be sure and the grade is 2-3 and aggressive and it only takes one cell to cause spread. If I go with the rad hyst I am booked for keyhole on 20 august, pre op 1st aug. So am sure mags urs will be v soon too. Want to get on with it now. Keep us posted and thanks for your support mags and cheryl love Sophie xxx

Hi Mags

I had my op about a week after my pre op.  Guess it varies from hospital to hospital though.  I wasnt given an op date at first and I kept ringing up pestering them.  Then out of the blue I had a call to go in a couple of days later so perhaps I had a cancellation.

At least things are moving for you and you are getting closer to op day.  Dont know why but I felt much more positive post op.

Keep us posted on how things go.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi girls

Just had my pre op ECG and blood pressure fine still no date for op which has annoyed me as consultant said I would get the date at my pre op the couldn't even give me a rough idea of when it will be which has annoyed me I'm so fed up with waiting and not being able to sleep.

Glad you for your date though Sophie I hope all goes well for you let us know how you get on.

Hope your well Cheryl 

Thanks for all of your support ladies it's been good to rant at you guys as you know how it feels 

Will let you know when I here something 


Mags xxxx

Hi Mags

I was told exactly the same that I would be told at my pre op when my op would be!  That's when I started the phone calls.  The waiting is awful isn't it.  Its not much consolation but it shouldn't be too much longer now.  I had something off my GP to help me cope as I was struggling at the time.  Only took it for a couple of weeks up until a day or so before the op.  The waiting is very stressful and once you have got your date you will feel so much better.

Hang in there, hopefully it won't be too much longer.  Wouldn't hurt to phone them up though just to ask if they have any idea - tell them how it is affecting you and that you're not sleeping.

Good luck.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl

Thanks I may speak to the Dr if I'm still sleeping crap think I'll give it till friday .

Hoping it won't be too long the waiting is the worst but feeling a little better today just tired still but getting there 

Thanks again

Mags xxx


Hi ladies

Hope you are both well? 

Just had a phone call booked in for my op next Tuesday,  7 days to go not sure how I'm feeling relieved I know the date but worried now about the actually op is this normal or am I just over thinking it. Plus side only 7 days more of struggling to sleep then I get to sleep for a whole day lol.

Cheryl did u have to do that injection thing into your stomach when you came home as I'm a little worried about that as I hate needles and can't see how I'm going to stab myself every day for 28 days after bit of a chicken about that.

Hugs to you both 

Mags xxxxx

Hi lafies

sorry I've not updated. Had meeting with consultant yesterday because I have moved hospitals- my local does not do keyhole. Despite being given lots of options I have decided for rad hysterectomy by keyhole. Having it on 20th with pre op on 18th. Mags you will have to let me know how you are doing. What hosp ru in?? I know exactly what u mean re the injections. They are for one month and to stop dvt. I told them there's no way i can do it as I am scared stiff of needles, so my hubby's going to do it! Good luck to him haha.


hope you are both ok otherwise

Sophie xxx

Hi Sophie

Sorry for numerous comments phone playing up god knows why it posted it so many times lol 

I'll be at [hospital name removed] in the Midalnds can't believe you have had to change hospitals what a nightmare its all you need at a time like this. As for the needles not gonna have much choice the other half is crap with them too so gonna have To do them going To be fun though lol

Where u got to have yours done too now ?

Hope tour keeping well 


Maggie xxxx


Mags- omg I should be at [hospital name removed] Small world! They don't do keyhole at cov so am going LeicEster. Who is your consultant? I was under [consultants names removed] but of course different now I'm being seen in Leics. Still can't believe you're in coventry!!! Xxx

Hi Sophie

Omg real small world my consultant is [consultant name removed] can't remember nurses name having a blonde moment can't see why they can't do keyhole at cov as he said he was gonna try and do mine keyhole but if he can't then it will be a slice and dice one lol 

Hope all goes well and I'll let u know how I get on 

Keep us posted 

Maggie xxxx

Hi Mags and Sophie

You are not going to believe this - I am in [Hospital name removed] too and my consultant is [consultant name removed]!  I didn't have keyhole due to other issues but yes Mags, he does do keyhole.  Both him and the team are fantastic so you will be well looked after.  I am seeing him on Friday for my 4 monthly check up so will mention our contact.  What a small world it is!

Hubby did my injections, think I could have done them but he was willing!  Don't worry though as they do show you how to do it and after being in hospital you start to get quite used to it so its not so scary.

So pleased you have got your date and its quite normal to be feeling the way you do.  I was worried about the actual op too and listened to some relaxation CDs to help, which they did.  It wasnt half as bad as I thought it would be and there is honestly no need to be scared.  If you want anyone to talk to etc I am more than happy to swop phone numbers or meet up.

Now is the time to start getting your supplies in - big knickers, loose nighties and peppermint tea - couldn't have done without that!  I also took baby wipes and mini toiletries, a sponge instead of a shower scrunchie and lots to read!

It'll soon be over now and you will be starting your recovery this time next week.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi girls, this is so funny that we are all in coventry!!! I am really puzzled though as to why they have told me they don't do keyhole in coventry? They said either bikini cut in Cov or keyhole in leics?! I like the leics team but its a 40 min journey each way! I didn't have mr athevale but thought they would have referred me to him, very odd! Xxx

Hi Sophie

Yes, it is strange.  I originally saw [consultant name removed], he did my colposcopy and told me I had CC.  But when I asked if he would be doing the op he said no, [consultant name removed] would be doing it.  He was on holiday at the time so I had to wait for his return before I saw him.  I also had a 10cm cyst on my left ovary and a fibroid on my womb so had to have a vertical incision.

Perhaps it has changed since my op but Mags said she might be having keyhole.  Very strange indeed.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx