Hi All

I have had a call to tell me that all the tests following my recent surgery have shown as cancer free !! 

So happy, not sure what to do - although dancing around might have to wait for my surgery scar to heal a bit more !!

Thanks to all those lovely ladies that have helped and given me advice over the last 6 months.  To all those that are still having treatment or about to start - there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer where I can

Happy days


I'm so pleased for you. That's the best news. Hope you can celebrate in style. Lots of love....and a big (((((hug))))

Thankyou ..... hubby says we are going 'nice shopping' tomorrow !!

So happy for you Hunni!! Xx

That's great news, really pleased for you.  Nice shopping eh - lucky girl!!

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Whoop!Whoop!Whoop! Sooooo,pleased for you.

Made my day.

Hope you get lots of nice things Xx

Thanks Becky .... WhoopWhoop indeed, but only gentle ones - surgery scar still a little sensitive, lol...

Hope you are doing ok .....

Off to the shops in a bit ...............

Hoorah!!! Enjoy!!!



Thanks to you all xxx

I can highly recommend 'nice shopping' as a way to help the recovery process xxx lol

Great news! * big smiles* So chuffed for you Tracy.  Xxx :-)

well done tracey!!! hope we can hear more happy endings like yours on here from the ladies on their journey now and for those in he future!!! big inspiration for everyone. enjoy the shopping and the future xxx



Thankyou ladies ......

Good luck to those that are still going through the treatments ........