Hi i had large loop excision treetment 15 days ago i have had my results back which is good news all cells removed and no sigh of cc, how ever we did pick up some kind of infection in the bits they took of and to see my doctor  which i have done i was tested for std which i knew would come back negative and they did lol  could it be possible that i got an infection after i had the colposcopy and did not know i had  it, i have no symptoms as far as i know because between the colposcopy and the tretment iv had none stop discharge anyway plus i suffer from hip and back pain due to arthritis    so wont know whats normal and whats not iv seen the doctor and there doing tests ect   iv had no bleeding pain ect so dont know whats going on  just wonderd if any one else had the same thanks linda  i

Congratulations, that is wonderful news on lletz results...Im sorry, I dont have any useful info about your possible infection. I just wanted to say that Im glad you have at least some good news :) xx

ah thank you so much yes was good news ,hope you get on ok at the colposcopy appointment xx