Hello all,

I got my results letter today much sooner than I expected. Everyone else on here still seems to be waiting past the 4 week window that was given. Tomorrow is 3 weeks since my Lettz. I got home from work n on the mat was a letter from the hospital. Oh no. All the stories about getting results earlier than expected have been negative so I feared the worst. Shaking ive opened the letter to find out that all the cells have been removed and that I need to return in 6 months for a smear test with my local GP. Even better both my smear results and my colposcopy Appointment stated CIN 3 but the results letter say the tissue removed for testing was only CIN 1 and CIN 2 which makes me feel better knowing that my cells didn't have long enough to reach CIN 3. Which they could have if I hadnt attended all my smears on time. A little part of me will always wonder if I had not delayed my very first smear test by 5 months (I only went because my best friend had abnormalities on her first smear) and that scared me into action if they would have only ever got to CIN 1 but I guess I will never know. So now all that's left is to wait another week until I can returned to the gym and having baths and I would say having some fun with my fiance however as luck would have it next week hes away with work (great timing). 

So that's me sorted for 6 months I guess and then we will start the process again and hopefully only have to have a smear test but who knows. I will be back in 6 months with an update hopefully a good one because 6 months from now will be days after my wedding and weeks before my honeymoon and no one wants Lettz at that time of life. 

Anyway I wanted to say thank you for all your support, thank you to everyone who has posted on here reading all the posts has kept me sane and given me hope and kept me company when ive been scared and upset. Its so important that this site is here and people continue to share there stories so you can gauge if what your going through is normal. Especially as there are so many different versions and interpretations of normal. Good luck to everyone still waiting results and procedures and my final advice would be go through the process, attend your appointments and deal with it now. Its a hard enough process as it is without delaying or leaving the cells to get worst

Good luck Edwina

1st March - Smear

14th March - Results Cin 3 and HPV positive

25th March - Colposcopy with Loop Diathermy

15th April - Results letter CIN 1 and CIN 2 removed refered back to GP test of cure Smear test required at GP in 6 months 


Great news Edwina. Take care x

Pleased for you and thank you for sharing your story and advice. 

Best of luck with your wedding planning x