Results :)

Hi all,

As some of you will know, I had a cone a few weeks ago to treat early stage adenocarcinoma... Well I have had a call from the hospital today to say that the sample they took was completely clear of any more cancer (they thought they had already got it all in the previous LLETZ) and only had some minor CIN1 cells left which were fully removed.

The relief...I've never known anything like it! I don't even know what to do with myself now, it's an overwhelming as the diagnosis was in the first place!

Hope everyone is doing good :) 

Soph x

Yay! Great news! I bet your feeling amazing.




So excited for you, well done gal kicked that in the arse xxxx




You must feel.... Amazing at the moment!! So so pleased for you. Now go celebrate tonight with a large glass of wine and a big piece of something chocolatey.

Don x

Hi Soph

That is brilliant, fantastic news - I am so, so pleased for you!! Smile


Hi Soph, thats fantastic news, so pleased for you x

Soph, thats great news!!

I hope I get similar good news after my op. Something positive to wish for!

Katy xx

Bubble well and truly burst after talking to my specialist nurse this evening. I had a few Qs that I wanted to ask about the future and risks and checks etc etc and now just feel a bit depressed about it all. She was explaining about skip lesions for adenocarcinoma to me (as it was mentioned in a letter to my GP that the cone was to check for skip lesions but I couldn't find any real info online about it) and I asked so how do you know that you got it all? "We don't". Oh! Lol! She said that they can be reasonably confident (which they are) but can't say 100%. I am quite a negative thinker anyway but to me that just makes my cone results seem really pointless. And theyd recommend that I have a hysterectomy once I've finished my family to eliminate any future risk. I find it so hard to keep positive through this - seems like it's never over and every time you get good news sits surrounded by bad news or more risks. Sorry for the rant, I am fully aware that I am lucky compared to some ladies and that this is all pretty minor in the grand scheme of things and I should be just getting on with it but I'm just having a bit of tough day emotionally Anyway and this has just topped it off. I'll stop whinging now and just key to forget about it all til my first check up in Feb :) x



Don't let that comment burst your bubble, you are free of cancer, Boop you are bound to be feeling emotional you have been through a tough time, remember when it comes to stats there is not one person in the world that has 100% chance of not getting cancer.  The positive is you had it and you will be tested and checked constantly.  I know you are going to be worried in the back of your mind but remember everyday you will feel better, I understand how you feel to be given good news dashed with crap news, dont let this pull you down xxxx

hi matey,
That’s life I’m afraid! I don’t think any of us will be given the all clear as there is always a chance something can return or something new could pop up. What they have told you is that they are happy just to keep an eye on you until you are happy with the family you want then they will reassess the situation. At least they are keeping an eye on you, think of all the people in the world who may have cancer growing in them and never know about it for years.
Chin up gal, yes you may be looking at it as glass half empty, try to look at it as half full.
Much love, don x

Thanks both. I feel ok again this morning - dont know what gone into me last night! Emotional rollercoaster strikes again :) xxx