I received my results today  from colposcopy i had 3 weeks ago, not what i was hoping for! states they have booked me an appointment for this friday. After a phone call to the clinic all they can say is my biopsy waa suspicious and probable cancer. Anyone any idea what will happen on Friday??


Hi Brasher. Sorry to hear your results might not be good . whenever you hear those words it always takes the wind out of you and leaves you reeling. but until you know for sure what you are facing, try not to think yourself into dark places. If possible it might be helpful to take a friend/ partner along with you tomorrow as there may be a lot to take in . Depending on what they have found, they may be confident that any cancerous looking cells are able to be removed by Lletz treatment. I'm guessing you have not had this done, but had biopsies taken? Many people are successfully treated using this method. They may want to arrange for you to have some scans, MRI or CT, but don't look too far ahead as this may well be treated easily and quickly. I hope it all goes as well as can be expected tomorrow and don't forget to stick on here if you need further support or info. Take care.