Hi ladies just want to update you all, I've finally had my results of my test of cure after an excruciating 3 week wait, I am all clear! Negative for HPV so discharged from colposcopy and back to 3 yearly smears, I'm so happy I could burst, just want to say thank you for everyone who gave me advice an kept me sane in the last 9 months I couldn't have done it without you an Jos trust, love to you all an I hope for all of you waiting for results you get the results your wanting, much love xxxx

22/1/17 smear
14/2/17 abnormal results severe dyskaryosis
27/2/17 colposcopy done cin 3 found lletz procedure done
6/3/17 cin 3 gone all clear margins
Back in 6 months for further smear.

8/9/17colposcopy for test of cure

27/10/17 negative for HPV back to 3 yearly smears :) 

That's excellent news. You must be much relieved!

Keep well.


Thank you i really am xx

That is such good news!! Did you change anything in your lifestyle or diet to help get rid of the hpv. I'm due my test of cure in jan following cin3 and lletz, any help appreciated as really worried I will need to go back for more treatment. Thanks Jenny 

Hi jenny I did make a few changes I controlled my diet a little better ate more veg an fruit a  I also started taking centrum multi vitamins as vitamin B are good for fighting off infections, I know it's easier said than done but please try not to worry, I lost so much weight with the stress an anxiety of it all an it's so not worth it as it won't change anything, keep positive take some vitamins an try to get a little exercise in if you can, I just took little walks as it helped to clear my head, it's an awful thing to go through but think about the success rate of lletz it's way up there so the chances of a hpv negative result are very high :) keep your chin up hunni an if you need to talk, rant or just let off steam you know where I am an you can always pm me, much love, Donna xx

Hi donna thank you so much for this. It is really worrying and because I'm pretty healthy lots of exercise, don't smoke dont drink much and eat fairly well there doesn't seem much more I can do. I'm drinking green t an taking folic acid and upped fruit and veg too. I was really worried about sex but asked doc who said if in monogomous relationship not too worry. Anyway really glad your ok and hoping for same result in jan. Take care xxx

You're doing everything right then, I never smoked or drank so really frustrating when you think your doing it right,  keep your chin up hun it will all be over before you know it xxx