Hi everyone, I've just phoned the hospital to get my results they said they are there but can't give results over the phone so I'm expecting a letter soon thankfully the waiting is killing me but I'm just woundering if it comes back as cc what would the letter say would it say it is cc I'm really worried I had high grade dykryosis and consultant said cin3 but results would confirm really worried about to expect in the letter. 



I think they would probably call you into the hospital to tell you if it was cc but I could be Wrong x 

Hi Hun, I received a letter inviting me into the gynae clinic to discuss the results, but I know other people receive a phone call. All NHS trusts are different 

Thankyou! I'm just so worried an anxio I've already convinced myself its cc xxx

i had the same and rang the clinic to see was my results there and they were and said they would send the letter in to post that evening I told them id collect it and I did and all is good so try not to worry, I can convinced myself it was bad and it wasn't thinking of u