I called my GPs office as I thought the hospital I had my colposcopy at would send my results back to her. My GPs office said they had received a report that the colposcopy doctor had referred me to another doctor within the same hospital, but that my GPs office did not have the results of my biopsy and she recommended I call my hospital to check.
I called the hospital and they said the nurses will call with your results (at max three weeks after appointment) and follow up date if you need treatment…
It will have been 3 weeks since my biopsy on Monday.
Needless to say I’m a little bit confused.

  1. Why would the colposcopy doctor refer me to another doctor so early? What could this mean?
  2. In the case of colposcopy results, is no news good news? Should i expect a call with my results even if they are not severe/don’t need treatment?

If anyone can let me know their experience with receiving results or referrals please let me know as I am so confused and clearly the receptionists at both my GP and hospital are not really helping.

Thank you for any help!

I have the same questions X I had my colposcopy done 13th March they said that they would write to me and let me know when I would be coming back to clinic for my cone or Lpop treatment in clinic in about 3 weeks . I had not heard anything then got most basic letter today saying that an appointment had been made another appointment to see me in 25 days and no mention of a procdure. I'm really worried then after reading some blogs on here I checked my voicemail had no missed calls and there is a message  from my hospital asking to call them I didn't think they would call with results. I'm so so scared Monday is the first anniversary of my mum passing with ovian cancer  I have regular smear tests and this has come back serve in so so scared.  do they call with results the. I didn't think they did xxx