results with koilocytosis

Soooo the results are in confirming CIN 3 with Koilocytosis...clear endocervical margin, unclear outer margin ( can't remember the name) so more treatment possibly at a later date...for now just a follow up smear & HPV test in 6 months.

MyqIv done a little research into the Koilocytosis as this was the bit that worried me & found its something to do with the HPV infection...cells that grow bigger and faster than "normal" cells....I'm a little freaked out and can't help thinking that this is gonna turn into more than CIN!!

Has anyone had this Koilocytosis and if so what sort of changes did you have..

Thanks :) xxx



Give it time sweetheart, not everyone spends all day on this forum. I'm sure someone will be along sooner or later to answer your question but it might take a few days. I am sorry that I don't have an answer for you.

Be lucky :-)


I did a search of the forums on Jo's for koilocytosis and a user called Michelle202 has it in her footer. You could try and Pm her for advice but she may not still be active.  

Did a mini Google on it and think you may struggle finding people who have it as in an nhs doc I read it said women are often not told they have koilocytosis when getting results as it can cause confusion!?!

Hope you get some answers soon. 

If it starts driving u crazy call the Jos helpline as they may be able to advise.