Results when???

Had my smear test on 8/8 I'm 43 - 3 weeks later still no results phoned docs who said it's now 4-6 weeks for results I'm so stressed waiting as I find it such a pain ful test no doubt like so many women it's basically barbaric I'm on antidepressants for anxieties and this is freaking me out I keep telling myself if there was a problem I would be contacted sooner any advice on how to cope with the waiting please 

Hiya, The length of time that it takes for you to get your results doesn't inidicate good or bad news. You will just have to wait for them to come back. Keep on contacting your doctor and tell them your concerns 

Hi Callyline 

I had my results in 7 days or so by letter referring me for a colposcopy, as bexter has said it doesnt necessarily mean good or bad, but no news could be good news. 

try not to worry if your results mean you need more tests, with this kind of thing there is alot of time between different things developing - so its not a race against the clock. 


Hope you can relax and your results get to you soon !!