Results waiting time- can't believe it!

So I had my colposcopy and biopsy 6 weeks ago and was told that my GP or the doctor who did my smear would send out a letter and call me about my results as soon as they were available. They said this would probably take about 3-5 weeks. However they told me not to contact the clinic unless I hadn't heard anything for 8 weeks. 

I'm a health professional and I know it can be frustrating when people nag you for results when they're not ready so I just let it go and tried to forget about it for the last 6 weeks. It suddenly dawned on me today that I could go on the computer system and access my own results. 

Turns out my biopsy results have been available since the 5th October. So for three weeks they've been sitting there on the computer and no one has followed them up! I'm a bit mad because I spent so much time worrying and my mind could have been put at rest weeks ago!

The biopsy report is mostly gobbledeegook to me but it looks like I have CIN2 and HPV associated changes but luckily it doesn't look like anything too sinister. The recommendation is for me to have a repeat colposcopy. I'm not sure why... what else would another colposcopy show that the first one didn't? 

I'm going to call the clinic tomorrow and hopefully get some more answers. 

I just can't believe how long it's all taken when the results have been back for ages. I hope this isn't happening to everyone else :( xx

Hey hope your ok hun well at least it's good news :) they will want to do a colposcopy to make sure the cells have gone xx

Hi I'm 26 an recently had a colposcopy.. the colposcopist said I have a white patch on my cervix. Which shouldn't be there. So they've taken some biopsys an I'm the same as you.. stressing myself out waiting. It's been a week an a half now but the worry just stays doesn't it. Hope to hear something this week hopefully. Do you know if you get a letter or a phone call?  An is it from your own doctor or someone from the clinic thanks ladies x

Dawn the white patch is the dye they use to identify abnormal cells :) and when they do your biopsy they will usually take all the abnormal cells, try not to panic, they will send you s letter if any more treatment is needed but they like to do amother colposcopy or smear in 6 months to make sure all clear xx

Thanks tasha.. she said after they'd cleaned the cervix area to look at the screen an said there was a white patch that shouldn't be there. So I'm confused now. How long roughly were you waiting for your results tasha. .an if you don't mind me asking how old are you? I lost my mum suddenly in may this year she was 51 an although I've always had problems with periods etc an was diagnosed with endemetreosis...after loosing my mum I started to get alot of pain an bleeding so I just put it down to the stress I'd had an grieving. But my doctor did an internal an wasn't happy an I got my colposcopy appt less than a week after. Hope your ok love xx

I'm 24 x aww no sorry to hear that, big hugs Xx don't stress or wind your self up the dye sends the abnormal cells on the cervix white, I had a white patch on mine and he said it wasn't bad but he took ot away any way. Stress can make your body bleed, I bleed when Im stressed and loose weight people's body deals with stress differentley plus you don't look after your self as much as you should when you ate grieving- when I lost my dad 4 years ago I was pregnant and I took it very badly and ended up with depression after the pregnancy because I jad

to be strong for my eldest son and my unborn child. Chin up sweetie xxxx