Results update

Hiya girlies
Just wanted to let you know I had verbal confirmation on the phone 2 days ago that my LLETZ results were clear which I have been told is “reassuring”. Still waiting for the letter for more info but thought I’d share the good news. Repeat smear in 6 months - don’t think I’ll be able to fully celebrate until I have a clear smear though. But I am a bit of a worrier…
Sam x

That’s great news Sam :smiley: happy dance for you I hope you will be able to put this to the back of your mind for at least the next 6 months now. Remember, the majority of women only ever need the one LLETZ and never have any further problems!

She talks a lot of sense, does that Kay! What a great early Christmas present Sam x

That’s great news :wink: so happy for you. xx

Brilliant news, so pleased for you :slight_smile: x x x

So pleased for you Sam. Get out there and live your life to the full :))
Kath xx

Aww congratulations!! So happy for you :slight_smile: It’s great to see good news on here!! xx

what a relief that must be
and just in time for christmas! xx

OMG! Everyone you are so lovely to post such fabulous replies :-) Thank you so much for the lovely wishes, I am pleased to be able to post good news on here.  I will (as you can tell) stay in touch every so often.  I am running for charity next month but seriously doing something for Jo's next year, maybe the Leeds half marathon - watch this space! Take care all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx