Results update after urgent referral

Hi ladies,

I was referred on the 2 week pathway after visiting gp with horrible discharge as well as spotting/bleeding both between periods and after sex. I attended colposcopy where a biopsy was taken and my smear performed. I finally received my results today after an anxious 6 and a half weeks wait to inform me that my smear was normal and the biopsy just showed inflammation!!

Ive noticed a few of you here recently referred urgently as i was, so wantec to share my story as it doesn’t necessarily mean bad news! This has been a very worrying few months and i feel i can finally relax now. I have been offered cold coagulation to ease my symptoms if i want it so am going to look into that a bit more before making a decision.

This site has been a huge support, i’d like to thank you all for that and to wish you all the best of luck for future results and treatments xx