Results tomorrow

Hi all just a quick line to let you know tomorrow I find out wether my treatment has worked! Fingers crossed will keep you all posted x

I’ve got everything crossed for you!, Best of luck xxx

Good luck love xx

Good luck sweetie keeping everything crossed for u x x x 

Good luck sweethart xxxx

All the luck in the world lovely lady xx

Wishing you loads of Hugs xxxx

Loads and loads of good luck xxx fingers and toes crossed for you

Dons xxx

Keeping everything crossed, good luck xx

Best of luck x

Best of luck I have my fingers crossed for you today xx

Hoping for good news for you today,x


Good luck will be thinking of you.

I get my results back on Monday 20th after having a radical hysterectomy on 6th Jan so I can understand where you are. I try to view it as a fork in the road on this journey as I find that helps.

Hugs xxx


Just wanted to say I have been thinking of you today and hope you have been given good news sweetie.


Naomi x