Results tomorrow - trying not to freak out!

Well, my 6 week wait after my LLETZ treatment is nearly over. This time tomorrow I'll be in with them! I am really trying to convince myself that it may not be bad news and that inconculsive results is better than cancer - which of course it is - but I wonder does that mean that it still could be?!

I have just been back and forth with them every 6 months for over 4 years, had the LLETZ twice and seem to be getting nowhere. Not sure what they will suggest tomorrow but of course I have it in my head hat a hysterectomy could be a suggestion and we desperately want children! I think I'll need to go to the cinema this evening after work and keep busy (and away from doctor Google!) and it'll all be over soon! It's the waiting that is the worst I think! 

Hi Sharon,

You poor thing, you have really been playing the waiting game.  I just wanted to wish you luck with your results tomorrow.  Let us know how you get on.

Tess xx


Hi sharon i just wanted to wish you well for your results tomorrow, waiting is a complete nightmare i waited 5 weeks for my biopsy results n have loop treatment tomorrow then more waiting. I would of thought if they wanted to try surgery to get rid of it for good that you’d be offered the other op where they just remove the cervix, i’ve got brain freeze n can’t remember its name since you want children. Try not to worry to much, i know thats easier said than done, thinking of you Sharon x

All the best tomorrow. Good luck. I hope it goes ok for you.
As Sharon said above… Removal of the cervix is called a Trachelectomy… I’ve recently had one, but lets hope you don’t have to go down that route! You’ve not been diagnosed! :slight_smile:

Take care xx

Hi Sharon hope all goes well tomorrow. Positive thinking all the way. 

I am waiting to have my LLETZ so dnt know what ur going through yet. But I have my fingers crossed for you 

C x

I have everything crossed for you

I hope its good news for you



I'm also going in to discuss 'ongoing management of my case' tomorrow, following a third CIN diagnosis in 2 years, am also convinced I will be told to have a hysterectomy, it's all so worrying!

All the best, hope you get the best outcome you can



How did it go today? Hope all is well

Donna x