Results - sort of!

Hi everyone! 

Had my letter stating abnormal cells in October then 10 days later I had colposcopy which showed 5 areas of CIN3. Consultant said results would take 2-3 weeks but probably 2. Anyway, today (3 weeks and a day after treatment) I rang my GP who hadn't received results then rang the hospital. I was told results had been delayed because my medical notes had been sent to another hospital for an unrelated appointment I had on Monday but she told me that my letter had been signed today and was inviting me back for another colposcopy in 6 months! :-D Got to wait for my letter now explaining everything but feeling very happy - will probably have a good night's sleep tonight!

Thank you everyone for your support and all the best to everybody xx

glad to hear of your good results hun! wish you all the best in future xxx

My letter stated that they were 'delighted to inform me that the source of the abnormal cells has been removed. It is unlikely that any further abnormal cells remain but as a check a repeat smear and colposcopy will be performed in approximately 6 months'.

I will ask my GP if she has had more detailed results just out of interest. The consultant thought the areas removed would be CIN3 as predicted by smear. 5 areas were removed so just curious to see if it was what he thought. 

I'm pleased to report that I have managed some decent sleep since! :-)

Sending positive thoughts to all those waiting for results and all the strength in the world to those whose news isn't so positive xx