Results show no cancer but Dr wants me to go in to discuss

Hi Everyone,

After an urgent referral for colposcopy and leep biopsy results came back as showing no cancer but consultant wants me to go in to talk about results.  At my procedure he said he would write to let me know the outcome, now I'm in a panic as to why he wants to see me.  

The secretary wouldst have said no cancer, if there was would she?? Just need a bit of reassurance, my mind has been going crazy worrying over the past few months!

Any ideas what else he could be wanting to discuss? I'm still getting dragging uncomfotable heavy feeling down below same as before treatment.  

Sorey if this sounds silly, I know some of you are going through much worse.


You will probably find that they want to discuss their findings. There is no cancer as mentioned but they obviously want to go through things

And how they will do follow up appointments x

My guess would be that the margins were unclear and they want to preform a repeat (I've just had same thing). Good luck xx

Hi, had my first smear which yesterday came back as severe abnormalities and waiting for my colposcopy appt to come through, I'm 26 with 3 children so as you can imagine last night wasn't the best! Reading lots of things on here and preparing myself for the worst case scenario. Anybody in a similar situation? X