Results = Relief

Hi ladies, just to let you know I got the results of my LLETZ today (I phoned the hospital yet again and asked for them as I am going out of my mind!) CIN2 & CIN3 fully exised, clear margins, no invasion....So relieved - Check up 6 months from now but for now I'm going to try not to think about it and enjoy my life and my baby boy - Spent enough months making myself ill over it all. At least were in the system now and a regular eye kept on us! Thanks so much to everyone for your support on here I've found it amazingly helpful at a time when you feel like no one understands! Please message me if you have any worries or questions on anything I have been through which you may be going through yourself...

Look after yourselves ladies.



Great news Nattyb26, hope you can relax now and enjoy time with your little one :)

I'm hoping to get my 2nd LLETZ results tomorrow - fingers crossed! x

Congratulations fab news xx 

Good luck with letz results xx

Thanks both, hope results came back all good x

Results came back all clear on Friday - phew :) Just an ultrasound to go to hopefully find out what's causing the pain (which has been confirmed as being unrelated to CIN3) but that feels like awalk in the park compared to the rest :)

Now just on 6 monthly checks at the clinic xx