results recieved but lack any info

I went to a colposcopy appointment on 18/01/17 after Cin3 being detected in an earlier smear test. The colposcopist stated about the grade of cin and what treatment would be needed but wanted to wait for the results of the biopsy. So 3 weeks letter I recieve my results and the only thing it says is that abnormal cells have been found and treatment is needed for this. My letter included an appointment to see the colposcopist again but other than that there was no info regarding what was found. Now am worried should I not have been given info or leaflets about what was found and treatment etc. Or does this mean bad news and my Doctot wants to tell me personally? I am so worried but I want to know if people got more definitive results regarding biopsy results or does it mean that the treatment that was discussed before (LLETZ) is the option for treatment. I dont understand why my results lack so much info has anyone had results like this before?


Sorry you don't have a definite answer at the moment. I think it may be abnormalities as I would have thought if it had progressed further they wouldn't have sent you a letter and they may have just called you in straight away. Obviously I don't have a crystal ball but I hope that it is just abnormalities. I will have my fingers crossed for you!