Results question


 I had my smear a couple of weeks ago and the results came back with severe dyskaryosis and I had been booked in for a colposcopy. I went for this on Tuesday and was told i could be treated there and then. The Doctor removed a large amount from myself and said i had CLIN3 and would send this off. while i was there he booked me in an appointment for the results in 2 weeks’ time. my question is he said he had removed it all so if it does come back as cervical cancer will this still mean I need treatment

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I'd like to know this too

i also had my LLETZ there and then also on Tuesday. He didn't even do colposcop, just sprung it on me that he was doing lletz there and then before starting

I don't even know what cin it was! I was so nervous/in shock I didn't ask and he didn't say 

I presume high if wanted to do LLETZ before even looking at me. Perhaps my gp will know? 

I would ring the colposcopy department to ask maybe? I never received my biopsy results in the post so the colp nurse talked me through them and about lletz.

I think the post lletz rsults confirm if it was all removed and if there is any cancer, but the gynaecologist told me the change of these results coming back as cancer for women with cin is still very low