Results OK...I think!

Hi everyone,

After receiving an abnormal pap result indicating mild changes and high risk HPV,I worked myself up into a state. Going to the colposcopy was somewhat reassuring as the nurse colpologist advised me that she could only see what she believed to be mild changes which where nothing to be concerned about. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity (only 2/weeks!) the results of my biopsy came back showing only inflammation and so I wont need any treatment and only a repeat pap in 12 months.

I know that this shows that there are no pressure cancerous changes, but not entirely sure what 'inflammation' does mean? I have been experiencing pelvic pain and discharge (i have an appointment with the gp about this), is it possible this is linked? Also is it normal protocol to wait 12 months for a repeat smear or should it be sooner?

Any advice would be much appreciated!