results of high grade

Hello all i have just received my result of my smear, being highgrade.  As its the weekend i have no one to talk to, imworrying my self silly.  I have no one to talk to and have just been looking at the internet to understand what this means.  Some of the things i have read have left me positive and others crying.  I am a natural worrier and cant stop thinking the worst.  everytime im with my kids i want to cry.  How long until i get my colposcopy and then the results of that.   any one been though the same

aww bless ya i had my colp 2week after my smear came bk and i no its hard the waiting is the wers bit xxxx

Hi hun,

If your smear had come back high grade, you should have a colposcopy in the next few weeks. some clinics offer treatment there & then where as othey don't offer this bit will instead take biopsies & then wait for those results & then book treatment. I'd just like to clarify that if you are offered treatment there & then it's not because it must be urgent or anything sinister like that. It is just the way some clinics work.

I was told I wod receivE treatment at colp but it was then decided I would have biopsies taken first. These took 10 days to come back but again it is very individual to each clinic on waiting time. You should definitely of heard something within 6 weeks after treatment or biopsies But they will advise of the waiting time at your appointment. 

I think we all agree in here that waiting is one of the hardest bit & we've all been guilty of torturing ourselves with crazy ideas but hopefully you won't be waiting too long & youl have some answers.



It all depends on the clinic and their waiting times so varies. I had my smear results in March (severe), my colposcopy and biopsies in May, results and LLETZ in June x


I had my letter stating just 'anmormal cells' and that I would have a colposcopy appointment within next few weeks. I was actually seen within 10 days. I had colposcopy and treatment that day for CIN3, still waiting for my results - due this week.